Welcome to Storkesøen

Everyone is welcome, but please help us to keep the area nice and clean by following the rules below:

  • Please use the dustbins for waste, cigarette butts, line and hooks
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash
  • Cycling around the lakes is not allowed
  • Please use the established barbecue areas

Fishing Rules:

  • No fishing without a fishing ticket (self-service / reception) – also applies to the preparation of fishing tackle.
  • No access to the lakes in the morning before ½ hour before fishing is allowed.
  • 15 minutes after the end of the fishing period the lake must be abandoned.
  • It is not allowed to block fishing areas with rods, which are not ”fishing”.
  • Keep min. 5 meters distance to the other anglers.
  • Max. 3 meters per angler. Do not throw out in the other fishing lines.
  • It is only allowed to fish with 1 rod unless paid for 2 rods.
  • Max. 2 rods per person. Rods that are not used must turn away from the lake.
  • 1 hook per rod; max hook size for single hooks is size 2 and for 3 hooks size 6.
  • The fish must be hooked correctly and killed immediately.
  • Is the fish not hooked correctly = put it back into the lake.
  • It is only allowed to catch trouts. All other fish must be put back.
  • Only use our facilities for cleaning of the fish.
  • It is not allowed to fish with meal worms and maggots.
  • Feeding is strictly forbidden.
  • Children lake is only for children under 13 years.
  • Violation of the above rules leads to fines and expulsion.
  • Show consideration for the other anglers and do other anglers aware of, if the above rules are violated. Alternative contact the reception.