The Fishing Lakes

Ribe Storkesøen is beautiful located in a 10 hectare broken ground with a total lake area of 40.000 m2We have 3 big lakes and 1 small lake for children.
We have facilities for fish cleaning, and the area around the lakes you find a lot of tables/benches and dustbins. Furthermore there are 7 shelters and good solid paths. It is possible to buy fishing equipment in our shop, and if you have forgotten your rod, you can rent one too.

The whole area is wheelchair friendly and of course with toilets.

Dogs are very welcome on leash.

In our big lakes you can catch rainbow trout as well as tiger- golden- river and spring trout from 1 – 10 kg and in the small lake for children trout from 400 – 700 gr . In season from mid-March to the end of November daily supplement and after that a large amounts as needed. There is no catch limit, except in the small lake for children.

Opening hours


In the period 1/3 – 30/9:  06:00 – 21:00

In the period 1/10 – 28/2: Kl. 07:00 – sunset + 1 hour 

Outside the opening hours, please use self-service at the mailbox.

Violation of the above-mentioned times leads to fines  and expulsion.

Reception / Tackle Shop

In the period 1/3 – 31/10:   07:00 – 19:00

In the period 1/11 – 28/2:   08:00 – 16:00 

Saturday / Sonday in the period 1/12 – 28/2:   08:00 – 15.00.  

Vedrørende de nye Corona restriktioner:

Grejbutikken vil være lukket fra den 25/12 og indtil videre til 17/1.
Hvis I har brug for at købe grej, så ring til os på 75 410 411 og vi pakker til afhentning i receptionen.

Betaling kan kun ske via Mobilepay 12986.

I denne periode er det heller ikke muligt at leje fiskestænger.

Vi opfordre til at købe fiskekort i selvbetjening uden for butikken eller via Fiskerapp. Dog stempler vi stadig i receptionen.

Receptionen vil stadig være åben for ind- og udcheckning af overnattende gæster.